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Who we are

Aequitas Global, Knowledge Process Outsourcing organisation working with the Micro, Small & Medium Enterprises to enhance their growth and stability by identifying healthy opportunity pockets through their products and services, which are valuable for their customer. We formulate, implement and evaluate a cross-functional decision that enables an organization to achieve its objectives. This is a continuous process that guides the client organization in achieving the strategic goals given its internal and external environment.

We have invested 70% of our talent capital in real time business research since our inception. We drive the fundamentals of the business decisions through continuous research and analysis that helps our clients to shorten their learning curve by two to three years and apart from the operational and learning cost spend during this period.

Aequitas Global was started by a team which has rich multifunctional global experience who had taken Start-ups and Growth-Stage companies from inception to the growth stage and beyond, and a combined "inside-the-ring" experience of going through every stage of development, including inorganic growth.

Our focus is value innovation and we approach this through micro tasks management, focusing on strategic goals. We started in 2009 with a Market Value Research project. Our clients are spread through Logistics, E-commerce, KPO, Textiles, IT Products and Services, Retail, Construction, BPO, Digital Media, Agriculture, Engineering and various other service industries.


What we do

Our Business Solutions & Services covers the challenges with Entrepreneur (Learning, Change, decision making etc.), Process, Clients, Resources (People & Infrastructure), Systems, Practices, Geography, Branding, Change, Technology, Market Acceptance, digital Media Marketing, Business Model, PR, Energy, Process, Finance, Risk, Investments, Pricing strategy, market acceptance, Procurement, Research, Transitions, Mergers & Acquisitions.

We initiate the assessment on viability of the project, need, desired outcome and the environment, which may influence the outcome of the project. We will lead the project on strategy, operations, deliverable and the stakeholders will work with us on the same.

Post assessment, we propose the Entrepreneur on the requirements generated during our study focusing on growth of the enterprise and on agreement of the same we start our project. The project will be executed with the set timelines, we carry out the implementation and also guide the internal team to manage the same post our exit.

Since 2009 we our delivery model was business consulting excluding advisory as we have understood that advisory never works for MSME's. In 2014 we have transformed ourselves as a Knowledge Process Outsourcing organisation to support our vision to serve more clients at a reasonable cost with a higher value making a direct impact on the growth.

Our Services:

Web Assistance

•    Managing PPC campaigns
•    Handling customer service
•    General website and blog updates
•    Website translation
•    Internet research
•    Typing content, eBooks, articles, newsletters
•    E-Commerce Support – Shopping cart
•    Online booking, surveys
•    E-Commerce listings setup
•    Customer Order Management for e-Commerce/Market place
•    Vendor Management for e-Commerce
•    Newsletters setup and management
•    Online trading assistant



Talent Management ServicesAequitas Global fostering growth for SME and Startup

•    Compensation plan review and analysis.
•    Culture development.
•    Due diligence/Acquisition planning.
•    Custom Benefit Plan Strategies and Design.
•    Benefit analysis, cost control and reduction recommendations.
•    Development of Employee Communications.
•    Employee claims resolution.
•    Monthly invoice audit and reconciliation.
•    Online employee access to benefits information.

Digital Marketing Services

•    E– commerce websites - contests and promotion, social media management, event capture, brand management, web perception audit and assessment.
•    Optimized blog development, design, maintenance and promotion in social media, blogger relationship programs (BRP's), blog consultation, content management, web research and web-mining.
•    Brand management solutions program identifies brand influencer's and creates a process for communicating to them through multiple channels — surrounding the target audience via media, public relations and word of mouth.
•    Prospect Engagement (PE) is designed to give companies an informed, strategic and approach to measurable relationship between the industry and the Analyst. It is a comprehensive solution for in-house Analytical Research teams to influence sales cycles as well as influencer perceptions locally, regionally and globally.
•    If you are looking for handling your organization’s reputation in Internet at both crisis and non-crisis situation we could manage it for you.
•    We consistently perform research on the web presence of the competition to optimize your presence.
•    We build customer / prospect response management across various digital media channels to manage your brand reputation.
•    We offer employer branding solutions for meeting your talent challenges.
•    We create engaging content for your PR requirements and other marketing collaterals.

Brand Research

Branding for Small and Medium Businesses is to enhance the relationship with its consumers and prospects and marketing is to educate the prospects and customer about their products or services. Deciding what strategy to pursue in structuring the Organization's  brand portfolio depends on the answer of a number of strategic challenges prevailing in the internal and external business environment.

Small & Medium Business marketers know they should be putting more effort into branding, challenge is to start at the right place at the right time and most importantly at the right cost.


Mergers and Acquisitions

•    Strategy design for Merger & Acquisition- Criteria, Fitment on financial, cultural & talent aspects.
•    Target Identification & opportunity Analysis - Discover, Asses, Short & long term capital benefits.
•    Identification & partnering with PE- Discover, evaluate, negotiate and design Strategies to partner for growth.
•    Merger Communications-Spearheading Strategy & Implementation of Internal & External communications.
•    Customer Strategy & Marketing integration- Design & Implement post client communication strategy on benefits, client/market integration opportunities evaluation and business model integration.
•    Strategic Due Diligence- Acquisition analysis- Analysis on Costing, Financial viability of acquisition process in terms of Customer, Industry, Brand, Risk, IP, Investments & Investors, Cash flow, Product development, Processes & Practices, Profitability, Infrastructure, Legal, Assets & liabilities, Culture, talent, Information technologies, Pricing, Market growth, etc.
•    Merger Integration strategy & Implementation-Leading the business process Integration of both organizations to a unified new corporate goal with or without common business goals.
•    Joint Ventures & Alliances- Identify new opportunities with the target company’s current market strength.
•    Divestitures- Fund flow management opportunities identification and build process for operation.
•    Information Technology- Key integration challenge is information acquisition, analysis and decision management. We facilitate identification and implementation challenges in IT Infrastructure, ERP, IT Security and Strategy.
•    Corporate REWIND- Identify and build a new corporate goal to get both the team to get integrated.

 Independent Business Reviews

We provide Business reviews based on facts and figures that provides an unbiased view on a company’s forecasts including business functions apart from Finance. An in-depth analysis will be executed with a structured plan including multiple stakeholders. We also do Independent Business Review with an intention to rescue a distressed organization or a critical situation which is absolutely different from dealing with a healthy business.

New Market Penetration- Expand in India / Globally

Aequitas Global helps you to establish your organisation in India, Singapore, US and UK. Invariable of their size in terms of capital, people and other traditional limitations which acts as a barrier to entry to new markets we are providing solutions for Small and Medium businesses to enter new markets.

Market Pricing - Pricing Optimization

Pricing decisions are very important in cost sensitive Start-ups, Small and Medium businesses which can determine their existence and growth.  
•    We design pricing strategies which helps our clients to achieve pricing excellence by identifying opportunities and challenges:
•    We identify the impact of the market price, micro economical and other influential factors which could impact the Pricing.
•    We help our clients to position the product or service value against their competition and thus the best of their values are perceived by their consumer by understanding beyond the differential factors.
•    We determine the exact price value which is to be charged to each category of the customer.
•    We explore the pricing policy and processes, competition, system, tools, and performance management approaches necessary to support the pricing function in a business.
•    Design self-sustainable pricing improvement programs within the organization.

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