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We are small team of fun-filled individuals growing as we wish. We watch movies on Monday mornings and work on holidays only if we feel so. If you can question the normalcy with “Why” for three or more times and if no one answers you but you find that you could find some answer to it, we are looking for you.

We trust you and believe your adult behaviour will contribute something larger than you. You are allowed to build your work structure. We don’t want to know when or how you are working, but if you are fulfilling your commitment.

We welcome “trespassers” (individuals, from interns and assistants to heads of businesses) to check out meetings and projects in their interest areas. We don’t have an open position but would love to create one for you. Just tell us why we should do that - we don’t accept just your Resume or CV.

Life At Aequitas Global

 If you want us to interview in a specific way we love to try it if we believe it will help. 

 You can reach us on our social pages. Alternatively, you are allowed to bombard your queries and information to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Our Work Culture

  • Feel the exhilaration...
  • Invoke passion
  • Believe your intuition and others
  • Focus on Value Innovation
  • Ignore the boundaries
  • Live Longer with us
  • Do fear for failures
  • Do not fall for Success
  • Be honest whatever it takes
  • Respect People for what they are
  • Be ethical and committed
  • Create opportunities
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