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Aequitas Global is a research oriented strategic business solutions and services organization helping Start-ups and SME's manage their challenges and growth. Our focus is to minimize the uncertainty prevailing in various forms in the entrepreneurship environment at micro and macro level by internal capacity building through research. This way we believe we will be able to serve more Start-up and SME organisation's with optimum return on investments thus helping them to provide better solutions for the development of the society. 

We started in March 2009 with a research project, focusing on changing the business environment and not just the business. We are a knowledge organization keenly focusing on identifying the bottlenecks faced by entrepreneurship of SME's and provide solutions for the same. We consistently strive to add value in our services to our clients through our outsourcing services.

We have thoroughly understood the business challenges of Start-ups and SME's and have evolved as an end-to-end solution provider. We now offer services from idea validation, new product, new markets, PR for SME's, pricing, investment services, procurement and more. We help the entrepreneur grow their business and in transitions from one stage to another - small to medium industry where the challenges are mostly handled as human errors, as it is unplanned. Our other services include M&A between the SME's. Our goal is to be a one-stop solution for Start-up's and SME's just in time when they are looking for support.

After our analysis considering various micro and macro level factors influencing the businesses we propose the changes required for the growth of the business and we own the change what we propose so that we can take ownership of the delivery.  The entrepreneur and their team are part of the implementation process so that they could continue the efforts once we hand over the project to them after the successful initial kick start. It is this idea of ownership that drives us to continue our support to all our clients even after the project is completed.

It is a common myth that consulting is about trading time for money. We ignored this myth and worked differently. If any entrepreneur is really committed to solve valuable and real problem, we have different pricing models matching their requirements even if they are penniless.  Our clients are happy with our pricing for the simple fact that we have delivered value to them, have solved their problems and help them realize their business objectives.

In all our outsourcing solutions (HR, BDO, Legal, Finance, Digital Media Marketing, Smart Power-Vendor Identification Services, Public Relation, Virtual Support Solutions, Market/Product/Service Validation) we bring in the industry intelligence through our research work. We are working with few clients offering on demand CXO services.


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