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How welcoming are MSMEs towards advanced technologies and internet opportunities to market themselves?

We have clients who have invested their efforts and time in advanced technologies – technologies that are the best in their industry, which are adopted & accepted by industry leaders. But in ground reality, there is no acceptance and poor adoption within startups/SME organization, due to challenges which were not foreseen in the pre-implementation study. Implementation has been a challenge that decides the success or failure of the system or technology adoption.

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When I heard for the first time that energy can be transferred from one form to another I thought about using our physical energy that we spend on walking, running and more to transferring it into electrical energy. When I learnt about piezo electric theories I believed someday I have to do something about it. When I underwent my graduation I knew how to do it. I believed I could do it, but in reality I never did it. There are billions of those me’s in this world.

You can get a couple of the rabbits and learn how to tame them – you will have a dozen soon, so are our ideas.

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Many do not realise that while reducing the cost of one or two parameters you tend to raise the cost of the entire system. It is art of learning maximisation; more efforts in very short time (In comparison to traditional business approach of product/service launch and customer validation). Another fact which is disappointing is that Lean start-up’s do not understand the pivoting concept. It’s not about changing their business plan quite often but, eliminating the fewer aspects which are not yielding desired results or providing values to customers.

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“One of key challenge with product development Start-up’s is development speed which is a critical survival factor for them. Other challenges are leveraging the skills of the founders and team, global expansion(Indian consumers early adoption and acceptance of new products is very poor compared to the global consumers), low bandwidth to engage with suspect and prospects, poor UI and UX, finding the first customer who could go out and share the product experience. Honestly its highly challenging to sustain in Indian product ecosystem” believes Vijay Kumar N.R.R, founder at Aequitas Global and startup Mentor.

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Let's start with a depressing fact: even though more and more young people are hedging their bets on the entrepreneurship dream in India, the fact is that most start-ups die or struggle to survive within their initial years. One of the key reasons is aspiring entrepreneurs do not have the right guidance. This is where incubators and accelerators step in.

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Our Community Involvement

Community Involvement

We mentor Start-ups through various institutions and forums in multiple cities.
We are actively engaged in various technologies, functional interest groups for knowledge development and comprehend process.
We work with various educational institutions on grooming Entrepreneurial talent.
We have contributed for Women Entrepreneur development programs.
Lead various Entrepreneurial and cluster development activities.
We are supporting various international Entrepreneurship and social development initiatives.
We are active advocate of moving education to learning from examination in various bodies.
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