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If you ask an SME Entrepreneur what keeps them awake at nights, their single most answer is how to inspire the customers and build their business. This is critical because retaining a customer for longer period saves costs and efforts in marketing and this is a great boon for SME organisations.

Leading your brand to inspire your customers

Entrepreneurs know how to inspire Employees, partners and even vendors, but how to inspire customers who can build their business?

In this knowledge economy communication is the supreme factor of inspiration and it is efficient when it’s proactive. Exploring the opportunities like blogs to educate the change Entrepreneurs or businesses bring in for the customers and find multiple modes of interactions through various social networking sites would help reaching the target audience fast and effectively.

Working only with few social networking sites might not yield desired results consistently as it’s too crowded with the courtesy of your competition. Thus moving towards a total digital presence management is a better solution.

While we studied the Social engagement of potential customers, we understood over 75% of the consumers were willing switch brands for a good cause.

Find opportunities to acquire feedback from the customers about the core values of your brand. Ask them how your brand can help the society in a better way. If your strategy is addressing those challenges a great level of natural engagement can be established.

Outset your communication (Irrespective of the medium) on what you stand for to your prospects and customers. This can be created by building a story why you are in this business. Understand the basics, it’s always the emotional connect which nurtures great relationships even if they are customers.

If there are hundred people who provide the same service as that of your business why does your business exist?

Think about an answer as if your suspect or prospect or a customer ask you. A foodie gets connected to another foodie, a football fan connects to another football fan so are your customers. You need to find the connecting points to get them engaged.

The digital world is seamlessly connected so the need for organisations to be more transparent, accountable and authentic is the mantra.

Make your social contributions in alignment with your company’s core values in the real spirit.

Entrepreneurs and business leaders do not have holidays for responsibility like a parent. So is your effort for marketing, which demands consistent efforts for great engagement. Understand that the mobility of the information has risen exponentially unlike what existed in the desktop world. Highly responsive real-time personalised content alone can drive your customers closer to your sale.

In our own experience most of the customer engagement stop after one or two successful campaigns for most of the brands in the digital world.

An engaged audience is not a free ride, to sustain the engagement level every enterprise needs to reward them consistently. The concept of digital marketing is to get connected to the unknown prospects and engage them continuously.

Rather than being a buyer every customer could be an integral part of your business growth strategy when the customers move beyond your product and services eliminating demographical barriers. They can be your unpaid brand managers who promote your products and services.


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