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independent business reviews - investor services from Aequitas Global

We provide Business reviews based on facts and figures that provides an unbiased view on a company’s forecasts including business functions apart from Finance. An in-depth analysis will be executed with a structured plan including multiple stakeholders. We also do Independent Business Review with an intention to rescue a distressed organization or a critical situation which is absolutely different from dealing with a healthy business. We provide an objective and independent analysis of the business, aimed at identifying the true reasons for financial distress and finding robust methods to improve the situation, taking into consideration the positions of all stakeholders.

Whom do we support
Investors (An institution or individuals or group) have concerns about the business in which they have or want to invest in and wish to appoint independent institution to review the situation in an unbiased manner.
If a business is under-performing beyond the acceptable levels and if the stakeholders are interested in assessing all the viable options for concluding the next course of action Independent business review can help.


We can work on independent business reviews as a turnkey project or a continuous evaluation for a single or multiple businesses based on your requirements. We are happy to listen to your requirements feel free to write to us to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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