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Aequitas Global adds value to the M&A between SME's through a wet-tested & business continuity model to integrate acquisition strategy, due-diligence and merger integration. Our research shows that past four decades over 50% of the M&A deals have failed to meet their business goals and out of the successful deals over 70% is in the success of the Post-Merger Integration (PMI) rather than fundamental failures.

We have global core team that plays a major role in M&A between SME’s across the borders. Our experts can get integrated into your need at the very grass root level until the Integration Success measurement.

Mergers and Acquisition Services | Aequitas Global


Few values we deliver in our M&A Services & Solutions
  • Efficient Project Management to support the client with one point contact for entire process.
  • Effective up/down stream approach in Cross border M&A
  • Experienced team handled not just success but also failures to value Client’s key resources.
  • Facilitate the integration with best people practices to eliminate executive fall outs.
  • One team to work on Strategy, Finance, legal, people, process & practices.
  • We will spearhead the entire M&A on behalf of the client from Strategy to implementation.
  • Market check for next 15 months to asses on the effectiveness of M&A.

We believe apart from the above mentioned requirements there could be turnkey requirements where external experts could make a difference. We are happy to discuss with you and we will engage with you only when we could add strategic value for the Merger or Acquisition.


Our M & A Services

  • Strategy design for Merger & Acquisition- Criteria, Fitment on financial, cultural & talent aspects.
  • Target Identification & opportunity Analysis - Discover, Asses, Short & long term capital benefits.
  • Identification & partnering with PE- Discover, evaluate, negotiate and design Strategies to partner for growth.
  • Merger Communications-Spearheading Strategy & Implementation of Internal & External communications.
  • Customer Strategy & Marketing integration- Design & Implement post client communication strategy on benefits, client/market integration opportunities evaluation and business model integration.
  • Strategic Due Diligence- Acquisition analysis- Analysis on Costing, Financial viability of acquisition process in terms of Customer, Industry, Brand, Risk, IP, Investments & Investors, Cash flow, Product development, Processes & Practices, Profitability, Infrastructure, Legal, Assets & liabilities, Culture, talent, Information technologies, Pricing, Market growth, etc.
  • Merger Integration strategy & Implementation-Leading the business process Integration of both organizations to a unified new corporate goal with or without common business goals.
  • Joint Ventures & Alliances- Identify new opportunities with the target company’s current market strength.
  • Divestitures- Fund flow management opportunities identification and build process for operation.
  • Information Technology- Key integration challenge is information acquisition, analysis and decision management. We facilitate identification and implementation challenges in IT Infrastructure, ERP, IT Security and Strategy.
  • Corporate REWIND- Identify and build a new corporate goal to get both the team to get integrated.

Reach Us

We will be happy to discuss with you to explore the opportunities and challenges you face now and how Aequitas Global solutions and services can help you attain growth and sustain it. You can send your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Alternatively you can talk to us @ +919786688025/ +919786682588

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