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Aequitas Global offers HR Outsourcing solutions to meet the challenges in your Human Resource department. The current economic turmoil is forcing organizations to pursue instant benefits, rather than undertake a patient approach. Best practices must be an integral part of design and development of the HR processes because they enable cost-efficient and effective use of automated systems. In recent years, near-shoring and off-shoring have become major drivers for global outsourcing. For HR outsourcing, cost reduction may re-emerge as a key driver, however, innovation, business transformation and business optimization are also being considered.

HRO is more likely when the demand for HR activities fluctuates and is unpredictable but still essential. HRO is more likely to occur in firms with a "Pay Leadership Strategy ".

HRO process

Human Resource outsourcing is a process in which a company uses the services of a third party to take care of its HR functions. A company may outsource a few or all of its HR activities to a single or combination of service providers located offshore or near-shore.

Few Key HR functions that could be outsourced to us are:

  1. Compensation and Benefits - Design, Delivery and Management.
  2. Recruitment strategy
  3. Integration of New Hire
  4. Employer Branding
  5. Employee Engagement
  6. Employee Retention
  7. Employee Development Program
  8. Compensation Plan Review
  9. HR Information Systems.
  10. Bench-marking Best Practices
  11. Innovative Learning & Development
  12. Designing JD, KRA, KPI
  13. Long Term Incentive / Equity Stock Option Programs
  14. HR & Operational Policies, procedure design and Implementation
  15. Annual Review and Revision of Employee Handbook
  16. Competency Assessment, Mapping & Enhancement
  17. Performance Management Process
  18. Performance Design, Implementation & Progress Management
  19. Grievance Management
  20. Organization Development
  21. Pre/post M&A support and audits
  22. Audit of HR Strategies, Policies, Practices and Procedures
  23. HR/Social Audit
  24. Exit Management
  25. Employee Retention Programs
  26. Exit Interviews
  27. Implementation of Employment / Termination Procedures.


How can we help?

We can help you to formulate, implement and evaluate the cross-functional decisions that enable an organization to achieve its objective and the on-going process of formulating, implementing, controlling broad plans guide the organizational in achieving the strategic goals given its internal and external environment.

Human capital being the key for any organizations growth our expert team can help you identify the challenges and address it strategically and operationally. If you have turnkey requirements we will be able to work independently without disturbing your existing teams or its operations before we conclude the outcomes.

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Strategic organizations can mobilize leadership for change in transforming the company from "an under-performing organization that was inwardly focused, bureaucratic, and inefficient into the leader in its industry."

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