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Growth is essential for survival of any Small and Medium Businesses. With the relentless day to day operational challenges, limited resources, leadership bandwidth, no or low expertise in change management its quite daunting for any Small and Medium business to focus on building strategies for growth. Following any corporate practices and policies does not yielded productive results for various reasons. We at Aequitas Global understand the need and provide solutions for growth and also implement the same which is a prime challenge for any Small and Medium businesses to pursue change management focusing on growth.

Pricing decisions are very important in cost sensitive Start-ups, Small and Medium businesses which can determine their existence and growth. Large corporates have necessary bandwidth and affordability to research before determining the pricing strategy. While deciding the pricing strategy there are several approaches to it but still all approaches are focused towards few key aspects such as affordability of the customers, market competition, availability etc.

Aequitas Global offers independent business potential valuations for new ideas and existing businesses. This helps the clients for expansion or growth in specific geographies or multiple geographies.

A new or existing business performance could be assessed for understanding the viability of the business or to find opportunity to grow the business.

Aequitas Global helps you to establish your organisation in India, Singapore, US and UK. In this flat world if an Organization focus only on their home markets they limit their growth potential. Invariable of their size in terms of capital, people and other traditional limitations which acts as a barrier to entry to new markets we are providing solutions for Small and Medium businesses to enter new markets. 

As your Organizational Development partners we customize, established social science theory and best practices to improve profitability, productivity, morale and/or quality of work life. We focus on Organisation Development and change, that helps the Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses at a much faster phase and lower cost of ownership.

Aequitas Global offers Innovation, technology and Research Strategy design and implements services for MSME's. Globalization was always a large corporate profit making game until the Information Industry's started making its global foot prints. These industries paved way for other industries like Engineering, Services, Healthcare and more to move beyond their home countries. Due course of time following the foot prints of large corporate even Start-ups, Small and Medium businesses expanded beyond their boundaries. This was made possible only with Innovative products and technologies through extensive research.

Aequitas Global offers Strategic solutions creating the right environment for winning. In practice, Small and Medium organizations (SME) tend to orientate towards short-term operations rather than long-term strategic issues and decision-making tends to be reactive rather than proactive.

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