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Aequitas Global offers independent business potential valuations for new ideas and existing businesses. This helps the clients for expansion or growth in specific geographies or multiple geographies.

A new or existing business performance could be assessed for understanding the viability of the business or to find opportunity to grow the business.

Business Potential Assessment

We can collect competitive information and analyse your company's position in its industry to determine the following factors.

  • Significant changes in the environment, industry, competitive landscape, or business results that warrant a response on your part?
  • How efficient is your strategic business plan in guiding your business activities and the changes required to improve the growth rate?
  • How vulnerable is your business in terms of analysing the validity of your original ideas/assumptions?
  • Measuring and analysing the various changes you perceive, both in terms of quality and quantity?

Our services are rendered under the guidance of our global expert team which has experience in working with various Eco-system partners across the globe for more than a decade.  Business Potential Assessment acts as a input for planning your businesses specifically when you have functional knowledge but limited market information. Our services will be result oriented and our engagement model will also comply with the same.

If you want to understand how we engage with our clients business and process, we are happy to answer your queries.


How we assist?

  1. Growth assessments.
  2. How to sustain during the start-up phase and drive the entrepreneurial spirit.
  3. Real time assessment of variable factors both internal & external.
  4. Market potential assessment through Market research etc.
  5. Financial viability of a business model.
  6. Articulate the business model with competition on similar businesses.
  7. Strategic analysis from a broad market environment perspective.
  8. Revaluation of market trends.
  9. New entry threats, substitution & competition.
  10. Pricing factors and their impacts on profitability.
  11. Resource skill assessment.
  12. Forecast competitive responses.
  13. Evaluate alternatives.
  14. Asset valuation.
  15. Capitalization of income valuation.
  16. Owner's benefit valuation.
  17. Multiplier or market valuation.

Three Step Follow-up Process

Once the competitive issues are determined, we formulate a strategy. Following is a three-step process that is useful in a wide range of competitive situations:

  1. Specify the Payoff.
  2. Forecast Competitive Responses.
  3. Evaluate Alternatives.

Reach Us

We will be happy to discuss with you to explore the opportunities and challenges you face now and how Aequitas Global solutions and services can help you attain growth and sustain it. You can send your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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