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Pricing decisions are very important in cost sensitive Start-ups, Small and Medium businesses which can determine their existence and growth. Large corporates have necessary bandwidth and affordability to research before determining the pricing strategy. While deciding the pricing strategy there are several approaches to it but still all approaches are focused towards few key aspects such as affordability of the customers, market competition, availability etc.

Market Price Optimization

Another important challenge most of the SME’s face is determining the cost factor to evolve the pricing. Demand is of equal, and, in some cases, of greater importance than costs while taking pricing decisions. Most SME's treat their competitor's pricing strategy as the base while pricing their own products or services. This might not be a viable solution as the competitive market can downscale the pricing and thus the profits. Differentiation could be a factor of pricing in a very price sensitive market but how long a SME can sustain and how comfortable is the customer to value that differentiation is a key aspect to be considered.

With current dynamism prevailing in the consumer buying behaviour there are various other intrinsic and extrinsic factors that determine the overall buying behaviour.

Pricing policy has to accommodate portable changes that may occur at various phases of the life cycle of a product.

Key achievements:

  • One of our clients in knowledge business was able to improve their operating income by developing tailored price targets across brands, geographies, channels, and packages with several international clients even before establishing in the domestic markets.
  • Have designed the product pricing for Innovative mobile software products and web products.
  • We have optimized the costing of raw materials by standardization through various technical, operational and commercial parameters for a cluster development initiative.

Any challenge on pricing discuss with us we at Aequitas Global are happy to provide you value through our solutions at appropriate time. Kindly feel free to discuss with us.

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Market Price Optimization

What we do

We design pricing strategies which helps our clients to achieve pricing excellence by identifying opportunities and challenges:

We identify the impact of the market price, micro economical and other influential factors which could impact the Pricing.

We help our clients to position the product or service value against their competition and thus the best of their values are perceived by their consumer by understanding beyond the differential factors.

We determine the exact price value which is to be charged to each category of the customer.

We explore the pricing policy and processes, competition, system, tools, and performance management approaches necessary to support the pricing function in a business.

Design self-sustainable pricing improvement programs within the organization.

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