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Aequitas Global helps you to establish your organisation in India, Singapore, US and UK. In this flat world if an Organization focus only on their home markets they limit their growth potential. Invariable of their size in terms of capital, people and other traditional limitations which acts as a barrier to entry to new markets we are providing solutions for Small and Medium businesses to enter new markets. 

New Market Entry



Aequitas Global provides support services starting from the identification of compliance process to include invaluable practical hand-held services to assist clients from the initial phases of a new business/ Market and continue the support for implementing the proposals on behalf of our clients with the greatest efficiency.

Aequitas Global acts as an anchor for our clients in the region, often continuing to represent and support them long after they have established their initial presence, providing continuous service support, additional resources and professional back office services which can meet the resource challenges.

New market entry is a challenge which many organizations face in the current globalization era. In early phases organizations feel the challenge of communicating and engaging themselves with the new customers. Apart from Large Corporate SME’s consider new markets to grow, to secure their position against competitors and also for procurement which will give them more power in their home country.

We are willing to discuss with you if you need further information. if you believe you could get good clients in India, Singapore and US.



You can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore how we can accelerate your growth.


New Market Entry Services

  • Incorporation & Compliance- Name and company registration with local government bodies which governs business and social laws.
  • Risk Assessment, Audit & Accounting (GAP) Services and integration with International compliance.
  • Design and implement HR policies and procedures to identify and govern the resources for the organizations growth.
  • Identification and Due diligence of Partnerships and Strategic Alliances.
  • Compliance solutions till the normalization of operations.
  • Market Research and validation services.
  • New market Pricing Strategy, Marketing Strategy and Branding support.
  • Back office support and Infrastructure support at Initial phases.
  • Project Management.
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