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As your Organizational Development partners we customize, established social science theory and best practices to improve profitability, productivity, morale and/or quality of work life. We focus on Organisation Development and change, that helps the Entrepreneurs to grow their businesses at a much faster phase and lower cost of ownership.

We come from varied backgrounds with experience and training in organization development, organization behaviour, psychology, education, management and/or human resources. Many of our experts have advanced degrees and most have experience in a variety of organizational development activities.

Organization Effectiveness

OD initiation starts with a detailed study on your organizations current structure, policies, practices, talent, culture, support systems and various other mechanisms internally and externally which could affect the organizations growth. OD is a long term solution for all your short term challenges which restricts organizations growth. .In our pre-engagement research we capture the aspirations of the management team, senior leaders, operations and other staff members and analyse the same with the organisations Vision and Mission. We brainstorm with multiple stakeholders in their past, current and future participation in the organisations growth initiatives. Based on our study we apply organizational effectiveness strategies such as those shown below when there are needs for assessment, planning, growth, quality improvement, teamwork and other organizational changes.

Action Research - Assessment and problem solving process aimed at improved effectiveness for the entire organization or specific work units. Identify the strengths and weaknesses of organization and management issues and assist in addressing problem opportunities. We believe in working with the strengths and minimizing the impact of weaknesses as business is positive by its nature.

Conflict Management - Bringing conflicts to the surface to discover their roots, developing a common ground from which to resolve or better manage conflict. Consultants serve as facilitator in a conflict situation or train employees to better understand and manage conflict.

Executive Development - One-on-one or group developmental consultation with CEO's and/or anyone in the leadership team to improve their effectiveness. We have learned that Executive coaching on real time has made difference in the work environment.

Goal Setting - Defining and applying concrete goals as a road map to help an organization get where it wants to go. (This is also an employee development initiative). We have developed a model using Critical Path Analysis, Project Evaluation & Review techniques and Kaizen which eliminates the theory thus driving the goal setting program to practice in real time.

Group Facilitation - Helping people learn to interact more effectively at meetings and to apply group guidelines that foster open communication, participation and accomplishment.

Managing Change - Helping clients identify, understand, and begin to manage organizational change. Before we initiate change we address the resistance for change to create an open business environment.

Organizational Restructuring - Changing departmental and/or individual reporting structures, redesigning job functions to assure that the way work gets done in the organization with least supervision producing excellence in production and service.

Project Management – Our PMP certified Project Management team enhance your project management skills to improve your delivery efficiency beyond the scope of delivery schedule & size of the project.

Self-Directed Work Teams - Developing work groups to be fully responsible for creating a well-defined segment of finished work.

Socio-technical Systems Design - Designing and managing organizations to emphasize the relationship between people's performance, the workplace environment and the technology used to produce goods and services in order to achieve higher level of productivity. Our model is to user technology as a tool for growth with responsibility and commitment for organizations growth.

Strategic Planning - A dynamic process which defines the organization's mission and vision, and develops action steps to help an organization focus its present and future resources toward fulfilling its vision.

Employee Effectiveness - Aequitas Global offers the employee effectiveness strategic solutions for SME's as briefed below when there are needs for employee improvement in skill, commitment and leadership.

Outplacement - Providing individual and group job search skills and services to employees who have been affected by organisation downsizing.

Workforce Diversity - Facilitating understanding between groups toward the goal where differences among people in an organization become the strengths for competitive advantage, productivity and work satisfaction.

We have worked with Small and Medium business where the change is quite different from that of a large corporate. Considering the challenges and to sustain the initiative till we reach the ROI we lead the entire OD initiative collaborating with all the internal and external stakeholders.  If you believe your challenges with respect to growth or people handling is existing beyond the normal time period by which it gets resolved feel free to talk to us.

You can reach us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to explore how we can accelerate your growth.


Benefits of Engaging Aequitas OD Services

We provide external OD consulting solutions which can help you to transform your organisation in the following circumstances:

  1. Transforming from Micro to Small business or Small to Medium business or Medium to large business.
  2. Preparing your organisation for large scale change in Technology, operations, people practices, transformation in the core principles, Diversification, etc.
  3. Pre and post-Merger and acquisition.
  4. To implement the Leadership change initiatives through various initiatives, climate study, etc.
  5. To support the business model changes and to make it as a bottom up approach.
  6. To Improve or change the organisation culture towards growth, research, improve people participation in growth, effective feedback mechanism etc.
  7. To scale up the operations, production, support etc., to move to new markets or expand in existing markets.
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