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Growth is essential for survival of any Small and Medium Businesses. With the relentless day to day operational challenges, limited resources, leadership bandwidth, no or low expertise in change management its quite daunting for any Small and Medium business to focus on building strategies for growth. Following any corporate practices and policies does not yielded productive results for various reasons. We at Aequitas Global understand the need and provide solutions for growth and also implement the same which is a prime challenge for any Small and Medium businesses to pursue change management focusing on growth.


SME Growth Strategy - Risk Assessment Services | Aequitas Global

Small and medium businesses are driven largely by entrepreneurial spirit. The lack of core middle and senior management impacts a company’s ability to grow in size. An entrepreneur’s core strength and customer relationships are the key success factors that drive the business. In the absence of the next level of management an entrepreneur assumes multiple roles within the organization diluting the core focus of developing and driving the company's growth avenues. This may lead to mismanagement and hinder sustainability of the business. SME's with clear management vision and professional approach have succeeded in building large businesses.

What we have learned in years is clients do not hesitate to communicate the outcome of the challenges which they had realized but not the reason behind that. We explore the root cause of these challenges and address them so that it doesn't affect the client's growth. Understanding the actual requirements requires expertise, which we are willing to support. Feel free to discuss with us, together we can grow faster.

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We Work With You on

  • Defining a broad vision of the industry as a whole and to identify latent breakthroughs based on new strategic insights.
  • Designing a compelling, shared business vision and a robust strategic road-map for high growth environment
  • Defining or redefining core business strategies or go-to-market strategies.
  • Developing a portfolio of innovative products or services - from incremental to breakthrough.
  • Creating a new category to drive breakthrough revenue growth.
  • Defining the consumer value proposition and potential applications for a new technology.
  • Incorporating services and solutions to existing product portfolios.
  • Creating alignment, energy and commitment within the organization to advance stalled growth and accelerate time-to-market.
  • Reinventing core organizational capabilities and metrics to support strategic innovation.

Risk Assessment

One of the key areas where SME's normally lag is assessing and managing risks. This is absolutely vital for them as most of them depend on finance support for growth. As such it becomes very essential for them to have a strategic planning and risk management program in place.

Our risk assessment services cover:

  • Industry risk
  • Business risk
  • Management risk
  • External Environment risk
  • Internal Environment risk
  • Financial Risk
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